Foundation for the promotion of inclusion «Sova»

Inclusive Fund «Sova» was founded by Alexander Makarchuk in 2018. Our mission is to promote inclusion of people with disabilities.

Objectives of the fund:

  • The Fund promotes and develops inclusive processes in informal education;
  • The Fund conducts charitable activities to improve the living conditions for people with disabilities;
  • The Fund promotes the idea of creation of new opportunities for people with disabilities in order to carry out their work and business activities;
  • The fund facilitates access of persons with disabilities to new information and communication technologies and systems, including the Internet;
  • The Fund provides organizational and financial support to educational activities aimed at the development of inclusive culture in Republic of Belarus.

According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, 6% of the population of Belarus are people with disabilities, of whom more than 31 thousand people are children under 18. Almost 90% of people have disabilities of the 2nd and 3rd groups. A serious problem today is the possibility of getting an education (including additional education) for adults with disabilities. As a result, people with disabilities cannot qualify for a high-paying job, build a career, start a family, provide it with material means, live and develop fully as a person.

These people are deprived of possibilities of communication with the outside world in everyday life. They do not have access to information. They do not have enough opportunities to learn, develop, communicate, and organize personal life.

The foundation's programs strive to solve the problems of social exclusion of people with disabilities and contribute to the development of inclusive processes in society.

All projects of the foundation are carried out thanks to your charitable donations: voluntary contributions and donations from individuals, free of charge (sponsorship) assistance from legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

Welcome to foundation «Sova»

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